The Grand Piano

San Francisco 1975–80

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Some Responses to The Grand Piano...

Une expťrience vraiment captivante.... — Alain Cressan

The Grand Piano continues to amaze & cast shadows of lyric mortality & recuperation; the thrill is definitely not gone & this project to me is immensely profound & evocative of a very unique moment (gathering further momentum) & I am grateful to all of you for sharing such a rich history. — David Meltzer

Iíve loved all the Grand Pianos in the way I love all autobiographies, where nostalgia and history nuzzle and fuse. Lots of solid poetic information, but Iím guilty of treating each installment as economic porno — a fantasy of the Bay Area and surrounding U.S. before Reagan, tech, the homeless, home prices, and unbridled free markets turned it into the diminished but still beautiful Bohemia I knew, 1986-2006. Folks, we missed the party, but its structure was against us, and thereís tactical comfort in that. — Rodney Koeneke, on GoodReads.

A vital contribution... relevant to any thoughtful analysis of the place of poetry writing and production today. — James Sherry, Jacket 34

The Grand Piano ... is a veering off and an investigation and a playing or experimenting with the materials of language, history, textuality and temporality, the personal and political, poetry and community... a project that participates in the articulation of its own accounting for literary posterity.... There is an abundance to linger over in The Grand Piano. — Robin Tremblay-McGaw, How2

This small verbal token seems like a passport, an efficient and elegant key to another world where literary idealism and integrity still command respect. — Maria Damon, Rain Taxi Review of Books

obsessively readable — Mark Scroggins

Like the early avant-gardes, the poets who gathered at the Grand Piano developed not only an exacting and liberating poetics, but also a way of living-in-art. Its chronicle here is many things, among them a deeply human and amusing map to building community through literature in this most unlikely of times. — Cole Swensen

Does the book feel a little like a soap opera?... Arenít all autobiographies soap operas? ... Am I looking forward to the next installment? Hell yeah! — Nada Gordon

...collective autobiographers ...using the narratives of their history... to nurture an arena of possibilities where ideas can be exchanged. — Rob Fitterman


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